Dimensional Structure of Satisfaction with Hotel Services

Mladen Mitrović


In the promotion and development of services provided by hotels, satisfaction surveys and assessment of the importance of different aspects of hotel services by visitors have an immense importance. Therefore, the aim of this research was to determine which aspects of the hotel are important (in a sample of respondents from Serbia), as well as to determine the dimensional structure of their satisfaction. The sample consists of 200 respondents, visitors to the hotel from the territory of Serbia. In the pilot study, an open-ended questionnaire was constructed for research purposes. Based on the respondents’ answers, two scales, which relate to the satisfaction and importance of hotel services, were constructed in the second phase. The number of facets in the scale is 21, and both constructed scales have good internal reliability. The results showed that the most important aspects of hotel services are safety, responsiveness, price, privacy and the physical characteristics of the hotel. Also, the results of exploratory factor analysis indicate that satisfaction with hotel services in Serbia can be seen as a one-dimensional construct rather than a phenomenon consisting of several different factors. There were no significant differences between the perceived importance of services and satisfaction with hotel services.

Keywords: hotel services, satisfaction, importance, dimensional structure

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