Visitors’ Expectation and Satisfaction with Planica 2015 FIS World Cup Ski Jumping Finals


  • Eva Podovšovnik
  • Miha Lesjak


Planica is a valley inside TriglavNational Park in Slovenia where the best ski jumpers have been to compete on the biggest ski jumping hill in the world meeting every year formore than 40 years. Partly financed by the Fund of the European Union, the Nordic Center Planica has recently been renovated, and the fis World Cup ski jump finals took place there in 2015 for the first time since its renovation. To understand visitors’ satisfaction and future expectation, research with a self-administered questionnaire inwhich 618 visitorswere surveyed has been conducted. Respondentswere asked to evaluate their expectations and satisfaction about different elements of the event. The main hypothesis claimed that respondents’ expectations about the event affect their satisfaction with it. The hypothesis was tested using regression analysis. Themain results confirmed the research hypothesis supporting the fact that visitors’ expectations about the major sporting event influence their satisfaction with the it. With theNordic Center reconstruction, Planica had a second chance to redevelop its image. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the organizer continue to monitor the visitors’ expectations and satisfaction levels to be able to offer the optimal service experience.

Keywords: Planica, sporting events, expectation, satisfaction, visitors




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