Safety and Security in Space Tourism


  • Janez Mekinc Faculty for Tourism Studies,University of Primorska
  • Iztok Bončina Faculty for Tourism Studies, University of Primorska


The purpose of the study is to shed further light on the understanding of safety as one of the most important aspects of space tourism. From the safety perspective, the development of spaceflight tourism is hoped to contribute to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of safety factors in commercial space travel, and thus, to the more sustainable development of this new tourism industry. Therefore, it is important to discuss, even at this embryonic stage of space tourism, that planning and implementation of future tourist flights into space must consider all possible safety factors and minimize risks.We see limitations in the fact that space tourism is a new phenomenon and a new research field, which is now fostering the theoretical and methodological foundations of its development. As a result, research into space tourism and the safety of commercial space flight is limited. A typology of space tourists is practically non-existent; therefore, any comparison of space tourism safety with other types of tourism is inadequate. This study focuses on the analysis of new safety strategies for space tourism; the experiences and knowledge obtained from previous forms of adventure and extreme tourism have been considered.

Keywords: space tourism, security, safety, space flight, risk




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