Understanding Dissatisfied Customers’ Expectations of Spa Service Quality


  • Aswin Sangpikul Dhurakij Pundit University


Most studies examining customers’ expectations of spa service quality are conducted through quantitative approaches, which have certain limitations for deeper understanding of what customers actually expect and perceive from the delivered services, particularly the unpleasant experiences. This research, therefore, has an objective to analyze customers’ expectations and perceptions of spa service quality from online reviews in regard to spas in Bangkok by focusing on dissatisfied customers. Using an integrated method, the literature has been synthesized to form a framework with eight service dimensions to examine customers’ expectations of spa service quality. Content analysis and descriptive statistics are employed to analyse the data. According to the findings, customers make complaints when the quality of service is lower than their expectations. Spas in Bangkok seem to have problems with service delivery in all service dimensions, particularly reliability, empathy and courtesy dimensions. In addition, the study has integrated eight service dimensions into three important constructs: service process, physical elements, and service outcomes. Overall, this study has advanced and contributed to the existing literature by employing eight service dimensions to more deeply understand dissatisfied customers’ expectations of spa service quality, and also conceptualizes them into three meaningful constructs. Importantly, the people element and technology-based services can help to generate service innovation for the spa industry.

Keywords: spa, service quality, online complaints, negative reviews, Bangkok, TripAdvisor





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