Slow Tourism as an Immersive Travel Experience: A Bibliometric Analysis


  • Damir Kresic Institute for Tourism Zagreb Croatia
  • Matina Gjurasic Institute for Tourism Zagreb Croatia


‘Slow tourism’ is a holistic tourism concept that promotes sustainability in all aspects of a traveller’s journey. It is a promising alternative to mass tourism with which tourists, destination managers, and tourism service providers are willing to engage. In academic research, there is little consensus on what ‘slow’ means and how it is practiced or interpreted in relation to different tourism contexts, cultures, and mobilities. Therefore, this paper aims to explore the concept of slow tourism, its evolution and current scope. Moreover, the paper presents a new insight into scientific production through bibliometric analysis, not previously fully clarified in hospitality and tourism research. Data for the study is generated from English-language journal articles that were produced from a Scopus database search of specific keywords associated with slow tourism. The findings indicate that the research interests on slow tourism is growing remarkably and is related to slow travel and food, sustainability, and an immersive travel experience. Keywords: slow tourism, sustainability, local food, immersive travel experience, bibliometric analysis




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