Mobile Devices in the Tourist Experience: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Ana María Miranda Zavala, Isaac Cruz Estrada, Margarita Ramírez Torres


This research aims to analyse the digital services and tools used in mobile devices and their benefit in the experience of tourists who arrive at Tijuana city. In addition, we test the following hypothesis: the use of digital services on mobile devices of tourists contributes to the experience in the destination. Methodology: 385 surveys made up of six dimensions were applied to tourists of the municipality. A correlation was made between the variables, the use of mobile services and satisfaction, and a factor analysis resulted in five components associated with the touristic experiences. A significant mean correlation between variables analysed was found. Likewise, the components of the factor analysis are immediacy of digital information and services at the destination; anticipated experiences; mobility; instant messaging; and provision of information via tourist apps. These technological factors used by visitors through smartphones benefit the tourist’s experience in planning and during their stay in the visited place. The new needs of digital tourist require constant interaction with destination.

Keywords: tourists, mobile devices, ict, digital services, tourism experience

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