Spiritual Intelligence and Business Environments


  • Fadil Mušinović


The article combines two development-oriented concepts, spiritual intelligence and business systems, composed of four elements. Spiritual intelligence, according to King (2008), consists of critical existential thinking, production of personal meaning, transcendental awareness, and conscious state expansion. Business systems, according to Bulc (2006), evolve evolutionarily in four stages, from the working environment, through the learning and thinking environments, to the conscious environment. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the factors of spiritual intelligence are related to the developmental stages of business systems and whether they differ in the various developmental stages of business systems. The empirical data was collected electronically, using a composite questionnaire in different business environments. 601 employees participated in the study. The results showed positive correlations between the factors of spiritual intelligence and learning, thinking, and the conscious environment, but no correlation to the working environment. In various development stages of business systems, certain differences have been revealed between the factors of spiritual intelligence. Regarding spiritual intelligence and business environments, the research has also shown differences based on gender, work experience, and the level of education.

Keywords: spiritual intelligence, evolution, business environments, individual, development




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