Attracting User’s Attention for Travelling Purposes via Visual Messages


  • Filip Cvitić Faculty of Graphic Arts
  • Mario Plenković


Visual content has a significant role in attracting users’ attention. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others have made it possible to access information at the click of a button. If a country, organisation or a company wants to attract tourists or other target groups, social media has considerable influence. People search for information online and analyse the products they desire. Today, social media mainly drives customers’ buying behaviour (Manyika et al., 2011; Kumar, Bezawada, Rishika, Janakiraman, & Kannan, 2016). When promoting content, it is essential to know the target group and to have a visually attractive message. This paper aims to determine the impact of parameters in visual messages that can increase attractiveness and sharing possibilities. The research was aimed at finding the parameters responsible for attracting the users’ attention and those responsible for content sharing. To find them, two surveys were done, and quantitative research of those parameters was conducted. After the research, guidelines were set in order to create future content which could have a more significant impact on the target group in creating campaigns on social media.

Keywords: communication science, media, social network, visual communication,
visual message, tourism




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