Integration of Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Innovation in Tourism: The QCII Model

Dejan Krizaj


This article focuses on the search for intersections of quality management, continuous improvement systems, and innovation in the field of tourism. It contains introductory theoretical insights in all three areas and (in the research section) considers professional media to find validation for theoretical starting points and further development guidelines, additionally obtained through examples of good practices and their following of key trends. Through connections between theories and practical examples, the basis for the links between sustainability, quality, improvements, and innovation in tourism are introduced, followed by the resulting qcii model for improving and innovating quality tourism offerings at the destination. The suggested model should be (spontaneously or through careful planning) evolved to follow the concepts of smart tourism, both in terms of new technologies and their balanced deployment, and in terms of the harmonisation of interests and connections between all components of the destination system.

Keywords: quality, continuous improvement, innovation, smart tourism

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