Innovative Design of Corporate Clothing in Tourism

Sonja Šterman


Corporate clothing in tourism has characteristics that are distinct from other formal uniformed groups. This article deals with innovative approaches and the multifunctional design of corporate clothing in order to satisfy the needs of the end user. The research was limited to the corporate clothing used in the tourism sector, with a focus on accessories as part of corporate clothing, in this case on men’s ties. One of the main questions was how to offer aesthetically pleasing and useful accessories for corporate clothing in the tourismsector, using a recognisable geographical symbol or a traditional story. The method of gathering and analysing information with the help of a survey, fashion design research, and design development was used. The purpose was to design men’s ties that correspond to the requirements of users to offer youthful, relaxed, and innovative ties that reflect the identity of the company. The typical problems with wearing ties, which are uncomfortable and feel hot when worn, were considered. Development from the idea to the final product was a challenge, as well as the cooperation between the subscriber, the designer, the suggested manufacturer and the Faculty ofMechanical Engineering,University ofMaribor; all needed to work together to satisfy the end user. A tie was developed in the shape of an innovative, buttoned band that could replace the traditional tie and give the user much more freedom when wearing it in different weather conditions. At the same time, the tie maintains the elegance expected of a traditional tie. The surface is using the unique technique of air lace, which includes storytelling in the design and personalisation in the making. The design took a sustainable approach, which results in the use of significantly less material. The combination of the above features represents an innovative approach to developing fashion accessories for corporate clothing design.

Keywords: corporate clothing, innovative accessories, multi-functionality, functional design, tie, tourism

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