Multi-Channel Funding of Social Tourism Programs: The Case of the Association of Friends of Youth

Janja Gabruč


The aim of this research is to present the social tourism funding system, more specifically to define main funding mechanisms/channels and existing types, scope and trends of the children summer holiday programmes funding.  The article presents explanatory findings and qualitative research based on documents obtained and interviews conducted with a representative of the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (AFY), which deals with the organisation and implementation of social tourism programmes. The results of the research highlight that fundraising is becoming central task undertaken by the organization. The system of funding is very complex and comprised of six different channels - parent’s contribution, Foundation for the Funding of Invalid Humanitarian Organisations (FIHO) funds, The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS) funds, community contributions, charity funds and organization’s own funds. The findings of the study show that both infrastructure-orientated funding and beneficiary-orientated funding (co)exist in organization. The research show that the trend is moving towards beneficiary-orientated funding and secondly, from parents and public funding to charity funding where organization is developing long-term public-private partnerships.

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