Human Capital and Organizational Climate in Travel Agencies

Vojko Kaluža, Štefan Bojnec


Human capital and organizational climate play a crucial role in performance in travel agencies. Therefore, this research has given great importance to the constructs for variables of the human capital and the organizational climate, focusing on the sub-samples of owners/managers/leaders, and other employees. In-depth survey interviews were conducted in January 2015. The study was intended to determine the relationship between human capital and organizational climate in travel agencies in Slovenia. According to the Standard Classification of Activities 2008 (skd, 2008) at the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the principal activities of travel agencies are travel agency, tour operator, and other reservation service and related activities. The quantitative study is based on an analysis of questionnaires of 103 travel agencies and their offices: 336 respondents are categorized as owners/managers/leaders and other employees, which participated in the study.We concluded that a relationship exists between the human capital construct variables and the organizational climate construct. Amongst the variables of the human capital, the variable application of knowledge from personal experience is the most influential. It is in a relationship with all organizational climate variables except career development. In contrast, the most influenced variable amongst the organizational climate variables is leadership, which is in a relationshipwith six out of nine variables of human capital.

Keywords: human capital, organizational climate, travel agencies

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